Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12 Weeks along!

In this photo I am 12 weeks along, I plan on wearing the same clothes in each picture... until they don't fit anymore :) My pants are fitting even tighter, there aren't any that I can actually button anymore. I do have some maternity pants already, which I'm not quite ready for.... I can still wear my normal pants, I just have to secure them with a hairtie!

At 12 weeks, the baby is starting to have reflexes. If I poke my stomach, chances are you will squirm in response. The brain is forming rapidly, and the features are starting to look more human. From crown to rump, the baby measures just over 2 inches and is about the size of a lime.

7 Weeks along!

This is me at 7 weeks, I hear the bump isn't from baby yet, just from bloating :/ My pants are already fitting tighter though, it seemed like within a week I gained some weight already!

This photo was taken right before I went to California and got my first ultrasound from my aunt... the baby was so tiny, but we got to see and hear the heartbeat. It was amazing hearing it for the first time, I will never forget that experience!!

At 7 weeks, the babys hands and feet are starting to emerge from the sides of the body, and the liver is already making red blood cells. The baby has already doubled in size since last week, now about the size of a blueberry.