Friday, January 28, 2011


I went into the hopsital on January 20th at 6:30am to be induced. I got induced with a pill instead of pitocin, since I had been dialated to 3 cm for a couple weeks already, but Rylan's head was very high. My doctor came in to see me at 7:30am and I was 4cm. My parents and Aunt Linda were in the labor and delivery room with Chris and I. We spent many many hours watching movies, playing games, walking the halls, and waiting......

My doctor came to see me again on her lunch break, and I had progressed a little more but not much. I could feel my contractions but they weren't painful. I was still walking the halls and playing games with my family.

When my doctor returned to check me later that evening, about 12 hours into labor, I hadn't progressed much at all and Rylan's head was still high. We decided that it was best for me to have pitocin to get contractions stronger and hopefully move things along further. After a couple hours of pitocin, my contractions were stronger but still weren't too painful. I got checked again and had gone from 4cm to 7 cm. I was feeling great at this point, very positive and happy that things were moving along quickly with the pitocin.

Later that evening and into the next morning, I still was feeling pretty good and the contractions weren't anything unbearable. Come to find out, I wasn't progressing any more and had stayed at a 7 for quite a while. After breaking my water didn't do anything, the dosage of pitocin went up, and that's when my contractions really started to pick up and become very painful. At this point I had to stay in the hospital bed, but I was able to stand up and sit on the birthing ball to relieve some of the pain.

About 20 hours into labor, the pain was getting more and more intense and I was really having to concentrate and focus to get through it. I was at almost fully dialated now, and my doctor came to the hospital because it was almost time for me to try pushing. The pushing was by far the hardest part. I was in so much pain and could barely lift my legs or push at all. About 24 hours into labor was when I got an epidural. I was so exhausted and too worn out. After getting the epidural I was able to push a lot better, but still not much was happening. Rylan's head was still not coming down.

The last attempt at getting Rylan out, about 28 hours into labor, was to use the vacuum. This didn't budge him at all either. The last and final choice was a c-section. Rylan wasn't dropped to where he should have been, and he needed to come out soon. At this point I was just ready to be done and have him in my arms.

Rylan was born at 1:14 pm on January 21st, weighing 8 lbs 4 oz.

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